Bellomy’s approach to brand equity focuses on winning the hearts and minds of the market, so that prospects become customers and customers grow in their devotion to your brand. That way, your brand equity metrics are tied to financial performance.

WHY BELLOMY   Our approach to brand equity embraces a changing landscape. People drink from the fire hose of choice. They navigate innumerable touch points: advertising messages, packaging, web sites, products, apps, representatives, social media, and so on. Brands fight tooth and nail to earn just one more minute of attention, let alone a penny more of market share.

Given this reality, our approach recognizes that brand equity is about the total brand experience, across all of these different touchpoints and choices. Our approach enables brand teams to effectively diagnose issues and prescribe solutions that lead to increased customer conversion, retention and devotion.




Increase customer acquisition,
retention and devotion

Drive buying decisions

Grow and defend market share

Support pricing premiums

Support business expansion

Increase market value