Our proprietary technology platform enables the seamless integration and distribution of the right information to the right people at the right time and place.

our enterprise consumer knowledge and insight platform, integrates all stages of the research process, providing leading-edge security,
the latest in online research techniques, easy incorporation of outside data and exceptional quality control capabilities.


Your complete research portfolio: tracking studies, ad-hocs, panels and social media


Your data are organized meaningfully, according to your business context


Easy to search and find relevant information across multiple studies and share with colleagues


Sophisticated security and user-level controls for access to relevant information

More than a decade ago, Bellomy saw the challenges our clients were facing as a result of consumer data splintering across organizational functions, data formats, and information systems, and—with the advent of social media, mobile, digital touchpoints and VOC programs—things were only getting worse.

We understood that the key to unlocking consumer understanding was to enable consumer data convergence—across different functions, formats, and systems—to create a more holistic perspective.

Our response was to invest considerable time and resources into software development and technology infrastructure, resulting in an enterprise consumer knowledge and insight platform which today is employed by many of our clients. smartIDEAS centralizes the entire research portfolio, making all past research easy to access. In addition, external data sources can be integrated into the system to provide a richer understanding of the consumer and her context, as well as providing the level of definition needed to activate insights within the organization.

Multi-Mode Data Collection

Enjoy universal data collection
via the web, phone, laptop,
mobile devices and IVR

Sample Integration & Automation

All your outside sample,
panels and databases are seamlessly integrated

Bulk Communication Processing

Execute research efficiently
and reliably via high-speed data processing and integration

Automated, Secure Online Reporting

A single, searchable research database to organize and manage key learning