Each segment behaves differently across brand touch points, from advertising to purchasing to usage to customer service to, ideally, repeat business. That’s why we work with you to find the right segmentation solution for your business, one that illuminates customer needs so your business can take action across different touch points and occasions.

WHY BELLOMY   Far too often, segmentation studies prove to be hit-or-miss, providing more value as bookends than business levers. Bellomy circumvents this by following three key practices: First, segmentation must be born and nurtured within the context of relevant business issues and outcomes. Second, segments should be defined through the eyes of prospective customers and how they see the marketplace and your brand, not how your brand sees them. Third, relevant stakeholders must be involved in the process early and often, as segmentation is inherently a cross-functional endeavor that informs how the business views and engages customers.




Realize more efficient marketing strategies and activities, such as advertising

Enable prioritization and focus for brand and portfolio investments

Target more profitable (or growing) segments

Inform tactics to increase and deepen retention and loyalty

Identify growth opportunities in adjacent or new markets