Every shopper follows a unique path to purchase.
Bellomy maps the entire journey, from pre-shop planning to in-store experiences; from point-of-purchase choices to post-purchase attitudes and feelings. Resulting insights fuel category innovation and renovation, improving shopper experiences, increasing brand revenue and accelerating category growth.

WHY BELLOMY   We have a unique approach, born of extensive experience, to understanding your shopper. With Bellomy, you can define and execute strategies that enhance shopper experiences, lifting retail sales across the category and driving profits for your brand.

Our team gets at the “why” behind shopper behavior to explore and, if necessary, quantify unmet needs and drivers of purchase decisions. We connect with your shopper in the most meaningful way—given your objectives and her needs—across the path to purchase, whether that’s at home, in public or in store (or any combination). Our deliverables provide the “what,” “so what” and “now what” so your team has a road map that leads to business results.




Drive loyalty and sales for brands
and retailers

Grow the category and reduce leakage

Prioritize and act on the functional
and emotional drivers of the
shopping experience

Identify the most meaningful points
of impact along the shopper journey

Enhance the shopper experience