Social research platforms—including panels, communities and bulletin board focus groups—leverage interactive tools such as forum discussions, polls, surveys, picture and video capture, and digital diaries to reveal powerful insights that drive brands forward.

WHY BELLOMY   Bellomy social research platforms enable ongoing engagement with target audiences that share  insights and ideas to answer key business questions. Leveraged effectively, they serve as strategic, centralized hubs for integrating insights across all phases of an initiative. Through agile, customer-focused learning, they help compress timelines and accelerate successes.

Bellomy is not just a social research platform vendor, but a true research partner with extensive experience in delivering insights for impact. We apply a collaborative approach to the design of each platform and all ensuing research, using a process of purpose-driven engagement planning.




Gain rapid feedback on marketing activities

Integrate insight across initiatives

Make research fun and engaging for customers, stakeholders, and your team

Capture hard-to-reach segments
for ongoing research

Co-create with targeted end users