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The challenges your business faces are getting tougher and more complex.

There’s constant pressure to grow and maximize strategic advantages AND sustain your current business. But what worked yesterday doesn’t today, and there are no silver bullets or quick fixes. Bellomy is committed to helping you discover, quantify, and leverage untapped opportunities that exist with your customers, prospects, markets, and competition.

We seamlessly surround your challenge with our Knowledge, Marketing Science and Research Technology teams.


You require more than just answers.
That’s why Bellomy Knowledge teams apply our unique Insights for Impact process to discover, design and deliver a solution with measurable business impact.

Marketing Science

You demand a fresh perspective.
Our Marketing Science team adds a powerful blend of advanced analytic expertise and deep creative problem solving to tackle your most important challenges.

Research Technology

You need technology that simply works.
Our Technology team and our proprietary smartIDEAS platform set the standard for seamless integration, with leading edge security and exceptional data quality.


Teamwork: the only way we work.

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Segmentation: Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

Market segmentation can be one of the best investments a company makes, as it sets the strategic foundation for approaching the market. In recent years, advances in analytics and computing power have made doing segmentation easier and more efficient. This is both good news and bad.

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Three Keys to Unlocking Effective Segmentation

Sometimes, business stakeholders assume they know what the customer wants, speaking on her behalf, and avoid this step. However, segmentation studies are too important to be built on assumption. Assumptions are a lot like quicksand: innocuous to look at but deadly to step into.

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Infuse Your Online Insight Communities with Purpose

At Bellomy, it seems we’re in constant client discussions regarding online insight communities. In these conversations, many clients have expressed concerns regarding the best way to build a community. These concerns tend to fall into two categories: uncertainty and disillusionment.

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